Mr. Boring Speaks

What more is there to say than, who freaking cares about the personal issues of a billionaire?

Oh how boring can a person come off as trying to be a hero because of his specific preference for sex?

If Tim Cook really wanted to be left alone all he had to do was - be left alone. I imagine his estate doesn’t have neighbors peeking in the windows.

News flash Tim!

America has long ago “moved forward towards marriage equality”. The courts did that for your preference for now.

The new equality frontier will be multiple marriage partners and adults having sex with minors. Check out the new video of little girls dropping F bombs. That is cutting edge now, not you. Objectify the little girls and gradually enter the topic of sex with minors into the current Hollywood/Washington culture and it is only a matter of time when until sympathetic Judge will OK the deal.

I would venture a guess your heroes King and Kennedy would approve?

Get a clue.