Wait Until We Post Jared S. Cram's Pictures!!

Pretentious Gas Bag, Jared S. Cram, Thanks New Hampshire Voters - After Stealing Their Vote

He just couldn’t help himself now could he?

Jared S. Cram, a low-life lawyer from Philadelphia comes to New Hampshire to campaign, like hundreds of other leftist activists, with this big difference – he wrote about it, thanking us in the process:


The smarmy article by this self described science fiction writer should be titled “I Stole Several Votes In New Hampshire”. (This Philadelphian voted here in NH twice in 2012 and once in 2008.)

Here is the punch line to this joke:

“You know the rest of the story.  President Obama, Governor Maggie Hassan, Representatives Kuster and Shea-Porter, and even Kermit Williams and Steve Spratt.  The Democrats swept all the seats in Lyndeborough and Wilton (with Frank Edelblut coming in dead last).  I stood in New Hampshire.  I didn't just stand in the cold and the wind.  I stood for equality.  I stood for justice.  I stood because I am my brother's keeper and I expect he will be mine.  I stood because women are equal to men and deserve the right to control their health and their bodies.  I stood in New Hampshire and to everyone who stood all across the country and in all the different ways you could, I only have this to say.  Thank you.”

Oh how brave.

But we who are domiciled in NH and have been involved in several campaigns have met creatures like Jared S. Cram many times. They are always smarter than everyone else, trucked in from out of state, adorned with some college degree that hasn’t garnered them a job except in campaigns for leftist candidates. And they squander their time in internet chat rooms in between campaigns bragging about issues they have no real life experience about.

At this Jared S. Cram excelled. He has hundreds of pages of comments posted on the Internet for everyone to read in the new, bright light of his double voting for equality.

And for that I say THANKS Jared S. Cram.