Those Who Remember Nothing

In the race for Republican Speaker of the House all kinds of people are putting forth their opinions – even Connecticut’s, Fergus Cullen, is back for a swat at the NH Conservatives, as usual.

But the short story regarding the choice is simple.

Just ask Democrat Party Chair, Ray Buckley, who he wants for the Republican Speaker.

That should settle it.

Buckley, with his standard tactics, has failed to keep one candidate out of the House and Republican Leadership. Now he is hoping that the endless smear campaign has frightened enough Republicans that they will help do the job for him – so we can all get along.

Buckley’s slash and burn campaign style has just delivered another huge loss to Democrats in 2014. So will Republicans serve him up at least a partial win and let his tactics control who Republicans pick for Speaker?

Eyes focused completely on navel, Republicans once again stumble towards a trap.