Unadulterated Ivy League Stupid

This probably one of the most racist comments any liberal Georgetown student could make:

“While I don’t know what exactly they needed the money for” – I’m guessing an iPhone, new Air Jordans, or drugs, but almost certainly not food to survive –…

Gee, why not say fried chicken or watermelon!

Some people should just stay robbed (not mugged) and be quiet until they have that Georgetown degree and know exactly how to speak in public. It shames the whole lot of them to come out with a stupid, racist comment like this and spoil the political correctness of being robbed by a minority in the first place.

Here is the story about our college student giving to the underprivileged:


It’s almost like this young metro-sexual went to a foreign land to help the poor but only travelled a few blocks from his perfectly zoned, ultra exclusive neighborhood to make a donation to those he treads on simply through his special breeding.

Let’s suppose this young progressive student grows up and has a family, it could happen, with a beautiful young daughter who is presented with the opportunity as her father, to give to the poor and oppressed, but they want something different – not cash to buy minority sneakers, electronic toys or drugs, as young Oliver assumes all black people want.

How does the progressive mind fit this situation into their reverse of reality ideology?

Maybe our young Oliver will by then find out he was robbed at gunpoint not mugged. “Whitey” was one trigger pull from a deserved end to his privilege. So that means his superioriority was worth a pair of basketball sneakers?

I hope his parents are proud of him, as they must be, except for the racist comment. Being this stupid must certainly have started early and with help.