Dartmouth Forum Creates Energy With Smoke And Mirrors

While going through the Dartmouth out of state voter list I often come across the Dartmouth Review, a publication that once had me featured on its cover by the way, and I sometimes read the articles to see what the kids are up to.

There was a forum about Global Warming. No kidding-cutting edge!

So I looked up the thing on my little computer and here it is:


Oops, I made a mistake. It was a Climate Change Forum. Global Warming went out with Acid Rain and the lacrosse player’s rape case. Forgiveness for my sloppiness is in order.

I can sum up the Climate Change forum for those of you whop can’t sit through the whole thing – only Socialism and an international tax on business and white people will save us. (Didn’t see that coming?)

And at the very end one of the Yale grads teaching at Dartmouth, Anant Sundaram, in his field of expertise, economics, said that anyone who doesn’t believe in Climate Change is “talking hot air.”

Not bad. Professor Sundaram has a degree in economics which is recognized by most people as a degree in hot air but he passes himself off as an expert on climate change as well – a different type of hot air degree.


I hope the parents of the Dartmouth crowd aren’t expecting much when the kids go looking for work in the real world.

The trillions Professor Sundaram needs to fix the planet have already been borrowed for other moonbat schemes. Ask anyone without a degree in economics and they will tell you.

And if the good professor doesn’t believe that, well he is full of…