John Shepardson of Wilton - We Await Your Apology

Speaking of apologies, voter fraud, evidence, and all that stuff, I got a missed phone message in October when the Jared Steven Cram interstate voting issue first came up from a very distinguished pro-voter fraud fella in Wilton. He happens to be one John Shepardson the Town building Inspector.

Here is the call:

“Hey Eddie, John Shepardson calling, and uh your information about Jared Cram is false. It’s been proven by the Secretary of State’s Office and they have found absolutely no evidence he double voted at any time so get your apolo –retractions ready cause your going to need’em, Byyye.”

John Shepardson I am told, is the pixie in the orange beanie behind interstate voter Jared Steven Cram in that now famous 2008 photo of Cram holding a sign for Democrats in Wilton, NH – when he was so sick he couldn’t vote from his domicile in Philadelphia where had voted 11 times previously.

Funny I haven’t gotten an apology from Shepardson or the Milford cabinet now that we can all see Jared Steven Cram’s voter history on several different blogs and talk radio web sites.

Maybe Shephardson can have the person at the secretary of State’s Office who cleared Jared Steven Cram relay the info about Cram not being an interstate/double voter to some public source.


There is more to come from the John Shepardson saga. Keep linking to our site for updates.