Troy And Municipal Theft

It is rare but another public servant has been caught allegedly stealing from a town. This time it is Troy and the administrative assistant/welfare officer.

She is accused of embezzling $15,000 by having phony bills paid by the town.

And as we always say at CNHT, when you catch a town employee stealing and the number first comes out – remember to add a few zeros to it just for good measure.

Many municipal thieves fly away free as a bird, or retire early, because the local officials who were in charge don’t want to look like they dropped the ball. And besides, it isn’t their money.

In Ashland it was Town Clerk Rosie McNamara who was suspected of stealing $20,000.00 and it turned out to be a tad over $2 million misappropriated town funds.

Not that long ago it was the treasurer in Litchfield who had a bogus company in Ma. he funneled town funds to. It started out as $3,500. Next thing you know it was hundreds of thousands. Seymour was the guy’s name if I remember correctly.

It has happened in Carroll, Amherst, Concord, and in Keene.

Keene is interesting in that it was a school treasurer who also worked at the local bank. He stole over $300,000.00 before he was caught. I talked to the State trooper who was involved and asked if it was a gambling habit that was part of a theft that big. He said he could answer after the IRS was done with the guy.

This case in Troy seems to have started in 2008. If I was a local in Troy who isn’t a pal of the Town Clerk I would be asking some questions about how much was really taken and how much will be replaced.

One other thing most of these municipal thefts have in common is this.

There is almost always a guy in town who suspected it was going on and was called a crank with a personal ax to grind whenever it was brought up.

See if I am not right about this one.