The Trillion Is - In The Mail

I am almost astounded that this simple fact has to be re-learned by so many people calling themselves adults.

Several Republican Congressmen claim they were lied to by Republican Leadership in order to get them to sell out their principals and stab their constituents in the back by voting for the most recent Republican sell-out spending bill.!

What is so hard to understand?

Republican Leadership in Washington serves the interests – of Washington. Washington is where all power resides in this country as long as the Republican Leadership and Democrat/Socialists can print and borrow money.

Country bumpkins Marlin Stutzman (R., Ind.) and Kerry Bentivolio (R., Mich.) never should have been elected to the US House of Representatives in the first place. They did not have the integrity or courage to represent the people back home.

When you let someone as transparent a John Boehner trick you its time to pack you bags and leave office – forever.

The other option is of course to re-register as a Democrat and no one will lie to you. You will be told how to vote. That may be more your style if you think John Boehnor is working with you.