Texas Didn't Want Him Anyway

Cheering passengers?


A liberal moonbat gets tossed from a plane for not being able to accept a “Merry Christmas” greeting from airline staff and the other passengers cheered. Are we at a turning point in moonbat human relations – as in we humble citizens don’t always have to cater to progressives with emotional problems?

Well then, God Bless American Airlines staff for booting the nut off the plane. I am sure the company will apologize later but the good deed has been done and the moonbat will have to fly wherever he needs to go.

Upon further thought, what was this grouch doing getting on a plane with such an objectionable name in the first place?

I say put him on the watch list and do American Airlines and all descent people flying in cramped conditions a favor by not having to listen to him. I pray he can find other ways to lecture a captive audience.