No Common Sensitive

Here is a politically correct sob story about a “transgender” teen who committed suicide to gain attention for, The Cause.

It hits almost all the Left buttons:

Boy meets self - wants to be girl, is the latest in trendy gender issues. It has so much to offer.

The mom gets spanked by the article writer and comment section for not being supportive of the gender confused teen – but Mom, the selected non-with it target can not defend herself.

The sensitive teen appears to have a righteous cause picked out – but we only hear that side.

And don’t forget the teen wants donations made to the transgender cause.

I have a suggestion for something to add to the story, since everyone is urged to be sensitive to the teen and the problems facing today’s special youth.

How is the truck driver feeling after being used in a suicide publicity stunt?

What gender was the truck driver by the way?

Does the truck driver need counseling?

Did the transgender teen give a damn about anyone but himself – ever?

Juts asking.

I happen to be sensitive like that