Will Bean Bag Buckley?

How bad off is the moonbat brain trust in the Democrat Party in America when they have lowered themselves to scraping the underside of the bottom of the recycled barrel?

Paid, highly degreed, liberal experts have pegged their hopes, dreams, and schemes on another Alinsky loser issue. This one was dropped off at the news media’s in box for national consumption.


Some obscure Republican Congressman went to a five person white supremacist meeting, as an invited guest, to talk about the economy – 12 years ago. Now it is time to spank the Republican Party for its “War on Black People” in enough time to have at least one, single, fresh issue for 2016. That “War on Women” gig didn’t last for the Big Bucks Democrats as long as they hoped it would. Not to mention the Democrat billionaires who dumped so much money into 2014 have just about zilch to show for it. Shades of the Soros money beating George Bush, 2000, 2004 come to mind.

You will see this national media agenda play out as long as Obama is releasing terrorists, recognizing terrorist countries, and Executive Ordering to his constitutional professor heart’s content.

Right here at NHInsider.com we have a burnt offering from the Democrat Agenda 2016 playbook asking our newly minted Republican Congressman to take the reflected blame for something – anything.

Stuck in a rut much NHDP?

And you pay the NH Democrat Party Chair something like $200,000.00 per year for forwarding this stuff?

How many out-of-state Democrat staffers in NH does it take to answer the emails from Washington DC and send them out to the NH media? And ain’t you guys all on the same mailing list in any case?

Just funning with you, I know you are.

On a side note:

I find the relationship between NHDP Chair Ray Buckley and “alleged/on video” child rapist and huge democrat donor, Terry Bean, to be quite interesting – WAY more interesting than the Republican War on Blacks Who Democrats Keep Trapped in Inner Cites.

This Terry Bean guy is an associate of our own Ray Buckley from their high perches in the National Democrat machine. They went to parties together, hobnobbed at the cream of the Democrat crop photo-ops, and sipped from the finest china.

Why doesn’t the NH media want a peek inside the inner workings of the National Democrat Machine’s most quiet scandal through the window of our most famous progressive, Raybo?

Oh, that story isn’t being forwarded to NH on the “approved” for 2016 list of acceptable political stories.