And As Anyone Who Knows Him Already Knew...

And we’re off!

Democrat House Sneaker Shawn Jasper has some very comforting comments for his opponents this year, according to NH’s Blue State Paper.

Here are his bi-partisan efforts all rolled into one paragraph:

CONCORD — To head off “some interesting shenanigans going on,” House Speaker Shawn Jasper officially named Rep. Jack Flanagan of Brookline as House Majority Leader Friday, and Rep. Steve Shurtleff of Concord Democratic Leader.
Supporters of former speaker Bill O’Brien who lost the speaker’s race to Jasper Wednesday, has called a “GOP Caucus” Tuesday to elect the Republican Leader for the House
“Whatever this group plans on doing,” Jasper said Friday, “frankly we’re just not interested.”

Oh the smallness of the Jasper. Who would have guessed he would be this way?

In any case, Jasper had better get his pro-tax, union, and anti-Second Amendment agenda passed quick because in 2016 I would venture that Republican Rep. Bill O’Brien will be re-elected.

I doubt Democrat House Sneaker Jasper will make it past the Republican Primary in Hudson.