Dwayne Ferguson - Anti Gun Hero

Breitbart has a story about your typical, progressive, ant-gun activist, Dwayne Ferguson,  getting caught with a gun near a school.


I have written about this several times, liberals who hate guns, who own guns, carry guns, and shoot people.

Most of the liberal I know have a gun.

I don’t believe the ones who say they don’t own or have access to a gun any longer.

My favorite armed moonbat was Carl Rowan down in DC who shot a teenager for swimming in his pool late at night. DC has very strict laws against non-elites owning and using guns to shoot teenagers.

Carl Rowan got off the hook for shooting a teenager. Criminal charges were never even brought.

This armed progressive waltzing around Buffalo, NY around kids at a school with his gun will quietly be let off the hook in a few weeks. That is how progressivism works.


Maybe there should be stricter penalties, to ignore, for liberals who get caught carrying a gun because they know so little about them, obviously they are much more dangerous that the average, normal person.