Progressives And Their Guns

Remember Mr. Gabby Giffords?

He calls himself Mark.

Marky Marksman is for gun control/confiscation and large, well funded non-profits that afford him a media megaphone (Which I think should be outlawed for former astronauts.) to campaign against The Second Amendment.

The picture in the Breitbart photo shows Marky Marksman with a semi-automatic/automatic hand assault weapon.

Even though there is no such thing as a semi-automatic/automatic hand assault weapon there is no reason to call Mr. Giffords bad gun by that name.

That is how the anti-gun lobby works their testimony magic in public hearings, media, publicity stunts, etc.

Funny thing, who hunts with a 17 round magazine, 9mm Glock handgun?

And why does Mr. Giffords even have one?