Some Deed Restrictions Count - Others ?

Soccer Fields vs. Court Order and Land Gift

Damn the court order and deed restrictions – full speed ahead.

Gubment Education Luddites want what they want and nothing shall stand in their way when it comes to playing soccer.

The LTE’s below spell it out plain and clear.

The Trustees of the Trust Funds are following the law and the tax and education spenders are not happy.

Let’s Follow The Law!

To the editor:

I would like to publicly thank the Trustees of Cemetery Fields for their integrity in trying to do the right thing with regard to the present controversy.

I am sure they have felt the attacks are personal when people have demanded a portion of the Cemetery Fields be left as playing fields and they have been asked to step down. There are many of us silent ones who never write letters to the editor, but deeply appreciate the thankless jobs they and others do to make Amherst a better place. Their many years of service to the community have been exemplary.

My husband and I have been residents of Amherst for 39 years and have consistently supported and voted for playing fields in our town. Our 4 children grew up enjoying the fields to play in and my husband coached girls’ soccer and softball teams, so we understand the need. It is not a matter of which is more important: playing fields or cemeteries.

Let’s follow the law!

I am appalled that some people simplify the issue to a simple choice of preference. Of course, we want playing fields! But it is my understanding, that the Trustees of Cemetery Fields are required to follow the law and the intent of the gift from the owners. To do otherwise would be expensive to the Town and the easy way out. I appreciate their efforts to educate the public of the financial implications if we go the legal route to try to overturn the 1999 Superior Court ruling that the fields must revert to their intended usage in Sept 2014. Why subject the taxpayers to endless years of legal costs when the outcome is almost certainly to rule in favor of honoring a court ruling and a legal obligation?

For those who voted against the Merrimack Road purchase for playing fields a couple of years back and are now attacking the Cemetery Trustees just trying to do their job – shame on you!

Diane Jaquith


Is Expediency More Important

Than Integrity?

To the editor:

The proposal by the Friends of Cemetery Fields to abolish the Cemetery Trustees and transfer responsibility to the Board of Selectmen because the CT elects to obey the law rather than flout it is insulting on several levels:

To the Cemetery Trustees firstly by implying that their principles and integrity, not to mention their time and effort for the Town, is valueless and that

Secondly by suggesting the BoS has at least three members who have none of these traits even though they were elected by residents.

Thirdly, who are impugned to be either naive, self-absorbed or plain stupid as they focus “on the kids” who get the message that it is not enough to run red lights (“Hey, I’m busy...”), abuse parking spaces (“I’ll be just a minute, I’m in a hurry...”) and cheat on their taxes (“Didn’t I tell you that I’m busy and in a hurry?”

Lastly, it is also OK to fire people who do their jobs if expediency is more important than integrity.

Andrew Clifford