What Go Wrong In Vancouver?

How about FREE crack pipes!

Canada has jumped ahead of the US in almost every progressive issue and now they have cornered the market on another great idea.


Why can’t New Hampshire be as modern and hip as Vancouver, Canada?

Up north, the Canadian courts regularly undue marijuana prohibition laws to nullify any attempt at stopping the government from real enforcement.

Why fight it?

Unless you legalize all recreational drugs you make criminals out of people for simply smoking crack and heroin.

And another part of the drug problem for Canada, and here, is that you make the courts into unelected dictators for progressivism.

Now we don’t want that – some people just want to smoke crack and be left alone – in the park - on a bench.

The government should be doing more things that help people like enforcing zoning laws when a person builds a garage a twelve inches over an imaginary line, or keeping a support paying father from seeing a child after a divorce.

Government should be stopping the earth from unpopular changes in weather, something government can really be good at, instead of keeping people away from recreational drugs.

Those crack pipe vending machines can easily be used for clean needles as well.

So let’s get with the progressive program and smoke crack, shoot up some heroin and be free.