Everybody's Hands In The Chip Cup

Let’s say New Hampshire goes all out for a government casino, in the name of progress, free revenue, and Concord’s need for more campaign money from a new batch of lobbyists.

It will be built according to political clout and compromise among elected officials fighting for control of it – very Libertarian.

But another battle over this money losing concept will be for control of “law enforcement” inside the casino.

Who will get to hire more officers, attend endless training seminars, carve out new administrative positions, and expand their reach? Will it be the State Police or the local police?

Do we really have to go through this silly dance?

Politicians will be in charge of “enforcement” inside the casino.

They will have the power to make sure and deliver special enforcement, say if some gambler who knows an elected official runs over the casino’s ducks while he was drinking in the casino and leaves the casino scene.

Or if there is a problem with anything regulated by NH inside the casino, the Legislature could strip, by statute, any offending laws like they stripped bidding oversight by the Executive Council over the Liquor Commission. That worked well.

The casino could run like The New Hampshire Municipal Association, another government monopoly, and get caught skimming millions from the insurance they sell to municipalities. Like that could happen.

Sure, lets argue over who will be in charge of “enforcement” inside our government casinos.