Now, Anti-Tax Candiates Are "Moderate"

San Diego has a new Republican Mayor, Kevin Faulconer, who ran on an anti-tax platform. And this moderate California Republican supported a measure to trim city government worker pensions.

(Somebody tell Speaker Boehner.)

The numbers speak for themselves.

The California Democrats have a 13 point registration advantage over the “moderate” Republican as well as an 18% Hispanic population.

Hard to believe the “moderate” Republican wasn’t running on amnesty, higher taxes and increased borrowing.

But then again, this new “moderate’ Republican was running for Mayor of San Diego and Speaker Boehnor (R?, Ohio) represents Washington, DC power players.

It would be interesting to see the college kid turnout in this election. If the college zombies do not perform as predicted in 2014 it could be a bad year for socialism.