Another Fine Mess Barack Got Himself Into

The National Rifle Association should have a “Person Of The Year” edition since one of their own publications is one of the top magazines in the country – and city.

Ouch, it’s payback Time.

As I understand it, the NRA has several magazines specific to what the particular member wants. Most politicians from any side of the political spectrum do not understand that a hunter may only be interested in hunting articles. Re-loaders and target shooters may want specific info regarding that activity.

And there are the poor Second Amendment souls who are trapped in the endless fight to stave off the left wing, moonbat, gun grabbers.

If the NRA published one comprehensive magazine would they be higher on the favorites list?

They probably understand their membership well enough to know.

My humble opinion is that Barack Hussein Obama be the NRA’s “Person Of The Decade” for boosting NRA membership by one million in such short of a time – almost single handedly.

This brings up another subject about Barry’s popularity.

What if the US Post Office, by Presidential Executive Order, put Obama’s mug on every postage stamp, ears and all, would that be the nail in the post office coffin?

Maybe not.

But a Michelle Series…