Gun Confiscation - Ct. Style

Connecticut has made thousands of gun owners into criminals by passing a law that criminalizes legal weapons owned by its “citizens”, or subjects, for a better description.

Here is an article that explains it:

Below is a quote from the guy who intends to make a name for himself disarming Connecticut’s subjects – much like any king, dictator, or tyrant would, and have for centuries:

According to Mike Lawlor, Connecticut’s top official in criminal justice, the state could send residents who are in violation a letter to remind them that they must register their firearms. Such a campaign could increase the state’s registration numbers significantly, since many might not have realized that they had to register rifles by the end of 2013, Lawlor added.

However, Lawlor said that as of today, such unregistered guns are now illegal.

"Like anything else, people who violate the law face consequences. . . That's their decision. The consequences are pretty clear. . . There's nothing unique about this," Lawlor said. "The goal is to have fewer of these types of weapons in circulation."

"The goal is to have fewer of these types of weapons in circulation." is a very telling statement. In English it means confiscation.

The subjects of Connecticut who can read understand this and that is why it will be a long and awful struggle to disarm thousands of their subjects in the next few years.

There exists a problem the Mighty Mr. Lawler is going to run into in his quest to break down doors with his SWAT boys.

NH and Vermont are loaded with the summer, and alternative, homes of Ct. subjects who have been stashing their weapons here for some time.

Owning guns is legal here in New Hampshire. And, as the anti-Second Amendment crowd in the NH House found out yesterday – people take that fundamental right seriously.

My work takes me to many summer/alternative homes in NH and the story is the same, “We bought this place for when we get out of Ma. or Ct., or if anything happens.”

It’s been that way since September 11.