Rand Paul Gets It Right

And so 2016 begins as expected.

Politico.com is carrying water for Bill Clinton now that Senator Rand Paul (R, Ky.) has brought up the very relevant “Clinton War on Women” –  featuring only Monica Lewinsky from the long list of victims.


The Bill “Clinton War on Women” was more of a contact sport, with the victims suffering bitten lips, messed up hair, stained dresses, puncture with foreign objects, and general humiliation by the other half of the TEAM, Hillary. She would announce that the ten year mistress, various assaulted women involved with politics, or other hapless female victims were floozies or some other term only usable by a true feminist, as she worked with the Whitehouse thugs to destroy the victims personally for talking in public.

They are supposed to suffer in silence like she does?

And for what?

We have a female writer again trying to diminish the “Clinton War on Women” and belittle Sen. Paul. Her name is Liza Mundy, a left wing writer who supports women’s rights.


Isn’t it always how it goes with the Arkansas Mafia and the Mainstream Media?

Secretly, I think Liza Mundy is put out by the simple fact that talking up Bill Clinton’s problem with women plays well with his constituents in Kentucky.

Senator Paul is absolutely correct in reminding people what automatically comes with another Clinton back in the Whitehouse – another “Clinton War on Women.”

How ironic that the Democrat Party is stuck with a candidate who stood by for decades as her husband assaulted, humiliated, used, and generally took advantage of any mistress, or women his pals could sneak in his office or hotel room?

And how predictable to see the liberal ladies on the Left defend the “Clinton War on Women.”