So Lets Put This Out There

CNN has a homophobic talking head, a Mr. Lemon, who is homosexual – or claims to be.

He calls another homosexual, an ice skating/dancing announcer “flamboyant” of all things! (Flamboyant has the word “boy” in it. How ugly.)

Wouldn’t “flamboyant” be a slur if used to describe a male homosexual? Or is “flamboyant” on the approved list of descriptions for homosexuals these days? It is all so confusing and boring, mostly boring.

But since the CNN host brought it up, here goes.

So some young, male, homosexual Olympics play-by-play announcer wears clothes that make him look like a bass fishing lure. How is that out of character with being a homosexual ice skater?

Is the non-flamboyant, homophobic, homosexual CNN news star a repressed Liberace? I think that could be a possibility. It is often argued by homosexuals that male who doesn’t approve of their lifestyle 100% is a secret homosexual. So this closeted Liberace thing may have just as much credibility when it comes to Mr. Lemon.

And here comes the clincher.

The CNN host also calls the ice skating/dancing, flamboyant, Olympics commentator a homosexual “Minstrel Show.” Huh?

Minstrel shows are when white people put on black face and act out parts of black people. It is considered racist from what I know.

The Olympics are not something I would watch in a million years. The train left that station years ago. Neither do I take an interest in CNN or the network’s homophobic homosexual news star.

CNN and the homosexual Olympic commentator are involved in an enlightened Olympics which is supposed to be all about how prevalent homosexuals are and should be accepted in sports and look what happens.

Somebody gets jealous.

Shame, shame.