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New York Loser

“This is not something that we can rely on the utility industry to do.”

So says the dumbest US Senator currently serving himself in office.

That would be Chuck Schumer.


The Senator is upset at the ability of power plant operators to determine their own safety measures when it comes to plant security.

But Chuck, the power plants, and Americans in general, are waiting for you to secure OUR U.S. BORDERS as maybe a first step in defending our citizens and power plants from attacks.

Barn door open, horse out, you fool.


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This is another ruse for a TSA - like government organization. Think about it. For two guards per location it will take 10 people for 24/7 coverage. I'm guessing there are 50-100K sites..... probably more. Add in supervisors, etc and you have a sizable voting block.
February 17, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterdave

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