A Short Film About Voter Fraud

Here is a short film about voter fraud starring former UNH professor Julian Smith. He is the creepy old guy who looks like he smells funny. Smith is also a Durham Town Councilor. He is the one working the crowd of same day registering students.


Durham is a town of about 15,000 people with 12,000 students attending The University of New Hampshire on top of that.

Half of the student body is paying out-of-state tuition.

Durham registered over 3,000 new voters on November 6, 2012.

What Smith is doing would be called “voter intimidation” if it was done by anyone attempting to prove non-resident voting, an action now referred to as “caging” voters. He can be herd on the video suggesting people are in Durham to “vote right.”

In 2008 a Superior Court order, sought by the Republican Party, was issued to stop this same town from keeping Republican poll watchers “caged” in a small, roped off area at the far side of a basketball court too far from the registration tables to hear who was being allowed to register – a violation of NH Election Law RSA 666:4.

College towns are a favorite campaign stop for Democrat candidates.

In 2012 NH registered 99,000 same day voters almost 15% of all the people who voted.

We are still trying to figure out who many of them are.

Unless they took their names off the Durham voter checklist, the 2012 same day non-resident voters names are still there for anyone who wants to use them in 2014.

If you live in NH, many of these people cancel out your vote.