Wow, Guts!

Establishment Republicans are known for abandoning a wounded patriot on the political battlefield, if not grinding the person up and tossing them overboard as chum to liberal investigators. Real “gators” have better morals than political hacks on a witch hunt.

Enter the new breed of Republican. Several have evolved from out of the Washington mist into walking, talking, back bone supported statesmen.

It is about time and just in time.

Dinesh D’Souza has come under attack from the FBI for questionable campaign donations he made through friends.

I attribute that to his years at Dartmouth which can, as any Ivy League Institution instills in a person, make him think he is above the law and better than the average citizen.

But he at least has some friends who would like to ask some relevant questions about the seriousness of this crime – when it is found to be one.

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Pete Sessions, and Chuck Grassley have a few questions for the FBI about their selection of Mr. D’Souza for a campaign donation violation, as in was it selective in nature, like a Chicago Thug type investigation?

Alaska Senator Stevens was selectively prosecuted and convicted in political hit by the Feds to open up that seat for a Democrat. I have written about that injustice here and covered it in the CNHT Radio Program. The thing that stuck out most in my mind was how gleeful Republican Party operatives and campaigners I know personally were about Ted Stevens. He was prosecuted in DC by a biased jury with no evidence of a crime committed. One of the First things Eric Holder did was dump the case when the appeal came his way.

It is refreshing and revealing to see people stick up for others in the filthy business of Washington politics, almost as refreshing and revealing as watching the 2012 movie Dinesh D’Souza made about Barack Hussein Obama’s elusive past.

He has another movie coming out soon.