No, No, No, You Can't Say That

A bang up idea if ever there was one, the NFL is considering on filed penalties for homosexual slurs and using the “n” word, nigger.

I can see the day the refs have to go to the tape and hear if the alleged slur is one accepted as a slur or an evolving slur not used by the average alleged racist or homophobe – but soon to be accepted.

It might be confusing at first having the thought and speech police determine the 15 yard penalty – but it has to be done! And finding penalties will become a specialty of the sports speech police.

The usual suspects have their sights set on diminishing the NFL’s place in American sports with all types of feigned problems.

Finding examples of sexism, concussions, name calling, and bullying fit right in with what public schools are all about in their current campaign of teaching “our chiltren” anything but self-esteem and victimhood.

Oh what a wonderful world when progressive issue advocates are all on the same page.