They Must Have A Loophole In Their Head

As we rack up the last of the Barack Hussein Obama For America 2012-2008 out-of-state vote thieves and turn our attention to out-of-state college student vote thieves as well as the NH citizens who harbor them, it might be time to take notice of who, in our fine NH Citizen Legislature, has taken a stand against such unlawful vote theft.

We already know where the NH AG and Secretary of State stand, unfortunately.

One could also check to see if their legislator has take ANY stand for or against voter fraud.

History shows us that when you vote Democrat you weaken NH election laws and promote a total lack of tranparency almost every other state has.

Try this simple test:

Ask your State Rep. or State senator to tell you where the LOOPHOLE that lets out-of-state people in NH is in statute, case law, cave drawing, or peed in the snow.

Then let ME know their answer.