Welcome To The Single Mom Slaughter House

Liberal progressives want everyone to know they support black people. They just don’t want too many around.

That has been the case since the science of eugenics was invented. And a public announcement of how effective the left has been at keeping the population of their favorite minority, except homosexuals, at bay has come from the City of New York.


More black children in the Big Bad Apple have been aborted that born!

What an achievement.

Nazi’s used to put humans they considered undesirables in ovens, limousine liberals take them out.

Impressionable young people who are in institutions of “learning” these days would all like to imagine they would have been marching with Dr. King in the sixties had they been around or getting arrested at anti-war demonstrations.

Well it’s not too late to jump on the right side of history kids and look in the mirror when it comes to wholesale, factory style, ethic cleansing abortion as it is practiced by your progressive heroes.

Message to students:

The tide is turning against this modern slaughter in the United States.

You all don’t have to let your professors or community organizers know you oppose abortion. Let the brave ones do that.