Dem Sleuths Catch Republicans In Not A lie


The Democrats are crying foul about the new Americans for Prosperity ad which features NH citizens losing health insurance coverage due to their Glitchocrat ObamaCare.

No kidding, read it for your self. This Democrat news release is the first of its kind. There is no mention of Big Oil!

Breaking new ground, the Democrat press release exposes the Republican party for using Republicans who have lost their health care insurance in an ad exposing the failed Obama "fix" to the insurance industry.

What were Republicans thinking?

They should have used people from out of state to represent NH citizens who lost insurance coverage, much like the Democrats use out of state voters to win elections here in NH.

The Republicans should fess up and admit they have lost their health insurance to DemocratCare.

Oh, wait, they did.

But this is what the Glitchocrats pay Big Money Buckley the big money for, to seek out the truth about Republicans who lost their health insurance and expose it. Why else would Democrats gladly let Big Money Buckley skim a little off the top of all that out of state campaign money as compensation for his genius.