UCLA In A Nutshell

I have some fun with students who have had someone send them to prestigious (liberal) schools because they make such easy targets. They are predictable and very limited in their critical thinking skills, a tendency that extends into that special sort of progressive adulthood they live in after college.

Then comes the really special needs student who has to have everything her own way, just like at home.

I love this clip.


My guess is that this chest heaving rant was the first time since high school pajama girl did not end every sentence in a rising inflection.

Her award winning cry for justice should never be limited to the plight of the Palestinians. It would work as well if it was made in front of a puppy mill, a whale carcass on a beach, a fur shop, or back home at Thanksgiving on behalf of the Indians.

Lean back and imagine what the rest of her life will be like as an educator, political campaign worker, or lawyer, and wonder to yourself if any other student on the panel hears a wake-up call.