Hey, The New Yorker Owns This Minnestota House Seat

Oh there are going to be problems in the moonbat Democrat land of Minnesota now that the Somali immigrants want a say in politics.

The local DFL Party had a “fistacaucus” the other night the police had to break up!


It looks kinda racial.


The Somali immigrants are a wonderful token of how liberal parts of Minnesota are but as the above article shows, that the “bring your family over here too” movement is a bit hard to take.

And who is the Somali running against that the “fistacaucus” had to come to such an ugly end?

The white incumbent is your typical left-wing little old lady transplant from New York, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell who intends to hold her seat for the rest of eternity. She has grey hair with a man’s haircut and those “hey, look at me” giant eyeglass frames. No need for the giant broach or extra wide hat for attention in a crowd.


Old Lefty Democrat meets new black Democrat and a fight breaks out.

Who would have thought.