Tang-away For Seven Years

Its not often a selectman gets arrested in NH so I keep track.

Bartlett, NH has lost a selectman due to an arrest for possessing kiddy porn -RSA 649-A.

The Concord paper “covered’ the story with an AP piece:


Not much of a detail type story but when I looked for a past history on the former Selectman, Jonathan Tanguay, there seems to be more to it.

Mr. Tanguay, in his pre-verdict defense, tried to argue his homosexuality should not enter into a kiddy porn case, but it did.

It turns out a man he was involved with turned him in to police.

Tanguay was arrested in February of 2010, shortly after the NH Legislature amended the criminal statute to be more comprehensive regarding computers and images.


Too bad for Mr. Tanguay.

Then the Feds picked up the case:


Ouch, Mr. Tanguay loses again.

Here is the court record:


Tanguay will face seven years in prison, maybe less with deals regarding behavior, etc.

Imagine if Selectman Tanguay had some politically connected friends who tipped him off a week before the cops raided his stash.

But that never happens – does it?