Liberal Democrats And Their Race Problems

Liberal Democrats in the Massachusetts House are in a bind with their attempt to remove a minority member of their body who was convicted of assault - while the conviction is on appeal.

This elected member of the Massachusetts House would be the first legislator in one hundred years to be expelled and it just so happens he is black.

It wasn’t that long ago that the former Speaker of the Ma. House, Tom Finneran, was convicted of rigging redistricting to keep minority voters a minority in several districts. And he wound up with a talk show on WRKO.

I thought progressives treated minorities “fairly.” I must be reading too many papers and watching too much network news?

Blacks vote for liberals 9 to 1 and this is how they are treated in, of all places, liberal Massachusetts?

I guess if the convicted legislator was white he could hold his seat while in jail like a former mayor people from Boston like to brag about.

Liberals, just take the opposite of what they say and you can pretty much count on that being the truth.