Lyndeborough Lines Up Spending Priorities - For The Teachers

Wilton-Lyndeborough School Board members and the Bud Com have agreed on a “GROSS” budget figure of $11.5 million for 2014-15 operating costs.

A GROSS budget for those who do not know is one that uses a bottom line so voters can not selectively trim any unnecessary or offensive spending. This is why so many Town and School Meetings are sparsely attended. That is called human nature – or “intelligent design” by a governing body to win every budget vote.

Now, for the not so good news.

This recent budget is less than last year’s budget because of “special education” and the ability of any school board to fool with those numbers up or down.

Remember, special ed. Spending is just about secret so it is a great gimmick for bloating a budget.

How in the world did the School Board and Bud Com get to a place where they could reduce spending?

It’s all so simple.

They have a teachers contract on the ballot they want passed.

Bottom line: You can “slash a budget” and “hurt the children” if it’s your spending agenda.

Let any taxpayer suggest trimming one half or one percent from a sacred school budget and see who gets shouted down at the meeting, cut off by a moderator, or called any number of names.

But then again, with a “gross” budget the game is rigged every which way you look at it.

Expect a nice fat building project in 2015-16 after the teachers contract passes this year.

Here is the School Board:

Matt Ballou, Geoffrey Brock, Francis Bujak,

James Button, Harry Dailey, Joyce Fisk,

Carol LeBlanc Dion Lewis, Alexander LoVerme