Too Late To Agitate

There will be one less citizen petition on the Bedford Town Ballot this year because the moonbats did not have the wherewithal to get in on time.

Bedford is a charter community and it is a bit harder to keep track of charters in any statewide effort, like this one was, to make a liberal citizen petition statement at some long suffering Town Meeting.

This Organizing for Action, Occupy NH type petition was an effort to raise and release anger at the US Supreme Court for letting corporations spend money on campaigns - like unions do.

Liberals always like a rigged game and they are very upset with the Court for giving anyone but themselves competition for the billions spent on campaigns. If politicians didn’t control almost every aspect of our lives we wouldn’t be funneling so much money to them. But that is a separate problem.

You would think NH liberals would have some chest beating to do over the wonderful free healthcare insurance we all have thanks to Obama, Jeanne Shaheen, Carol SEIU-Porter and Annie “F-word” Kuster, but alas, they are left with making DC a state and throwing a temper tantrum at the Supreme court.