Atkinson: Don't Shake Hands With Phil During Business Hours

Things are coming to a head again in Atkinson, NH and it is the same old bald head - former Police Chief Phil “All Hands” Consentino.

Here is what happens when police, the courts, and the newspapers cover for bad cops.

Some copies of the out of court settlement between the Town of Atkinson and the female dispatcher who was sexually harassed by Phil Consentino have been placed in plastic bags and tossed in the appropriate front lawns.

A former resident who had to move out of Atkinson with his family has summed up much of the issue on the local blog, The Atkinson Reporter 2, which can be found here and on our web site.

Mark Acciard was bullied for years until his wife and kids left town for some peace, but that doesn’t mean Mark doesn’t have a warm spot for old Consentino the Latin Hand Lover.

A thug police chief bullies, threatens, and shoves people around for several decades then goes on a pervert spree with some poor woman trapped at the dispatch counter while the people who are supposed to prevent this type of behavior look on. That is Atkinson in a nutshell.

Normally, the out of court settlement with the perverted details about the handy chief would remain just that. But now the secret documents are going around town.

Oh, whatever will poor Phil do now that HE is a victim?

Let me try and explain what his options are based on his past “actions”.

1. He could go into a bathroom stall and moan and groan about it.

2. Phil might want to lean back in his chief chair exposing his discomfort with the situation.

3. The former police chief has the option of making some suggestive comments about his “plight”.

4. Viagra might work – someday, somehow, who knows, who cares.

5. If Consentino is really upset about the secret settlement getting into public hands he might take a few deep breaths – into some woman’s hair.

6. How about some dirty talk – not death threats – just good old fashioned, like Phil, dirty talk. Phil, after all, is an old-fashioned guy.

But if Phil complains to authorities that someone let the Complaint to the NH Commission for Human Rights #16D-2013-00128, out to the public, what are local officials going to do?

Atkinson has a track record of ignoring violations based on politics, with the help of local courts and the print media. Will they try to catch the perpetrator who exposed Phil, unwillingly, to public scrutiny?

Will everyone finally see who in town ignored the complaints of sexual harassment made by a town employee?

Are they suddenly that brave or stupid?

In any case, Consentino just might be elected Selectman in Atkinson tomorrow.

Then the comedy/tragedy starts all over again.

(I hope the new Atkinson Police Chief isn’t using that old chair?)