Carefull What You Run For - You Might Get It

The Lawrence Eagle Tribune gets their favorite police chief, Phil Consentino, back as a selectman!

The back story they will not cover:

Consentino was the harasser in a sexual harassment case brought against the town by an employee. It was settled out of court and the case sealed.

The details are too disgusting to write about here but remember the part about the sealed settlement?

Someone had a copy and dropped it all over town just before the election!

This means that every political enemy of Consentino and most of the people in Atkinson, who are decent, have a fresh look at this thug through the statements in the complaint.

Not only that, but a copy was sent to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune as well.

With that fact in mind, read the today’s column about the former chief, now selectman.

The Lawrence Eagle Tribune is an enabler of sexual harasser Phil Consentino and always has been.

They know his history. The Lawrence Eagle Tribune knows Consentino made a death threat to a local activist last week at a candidate forum. But they help the bully out by ignoring the warts on this ass.

My guess is they think winning a selectman’s position is “win” for their power base in Atkinson. Maybe they have not thought through what may happen now that the thug is back behind a desk.

The no longer secret sexual harassment complaint against Consentino names some other local officials who never lifted a finger to help his victim, and I can bet there are more women who suffered along with the one in the complaint.

Consentino is now part of the unveiling of a much larger problem with this municipality.

I’ll wager the first selectman’s meeting in Atkinson, after the return of this pervert, will be a fine, smiling ordeal full of back slapping and hand shakes.

I do hope the Lawrence Eagle Tribune sends a photographer to capture the historic moment.

Stay tuned.

Lawsuits and secret settlements will surely begin soon.