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How About Your Opinion Of What Happened At Your Town Or School Election

It is always beneficial to have “Boots on the Ground” let The Coalition of NH Taxpayers   know the details of what happened locally.

Tired of seeing slanted news about elections in your municipality?

Send along a brief description of what you noticed Tuesday.

Here are some points that may be interesting in a statewide analysis of how real NH citizens vote where they live.

Tuesday was not an election dominated by out-of-state and college voters. It is a reflection of how NH voters are dealing with kitchen table issues.

Things to look for:

1. Turnout - high or low.

2.  Kind of turnout - special interest groups.

3. Warrant Articles

4. Bonds.

5. SB#2

6. Moderator issues.

7. Candidates who may change a board.

8. Long time officials voted out.

9. Anything that stands out from past elections or meetings.

You can make a difference in helping CNHT track local spending.

Just send your information to: or

Snail mail: CNHT 8 North Main St., Concord NH 03301