Atkinson's Consentino Sworn In - Lawrence Eagle Tribune Rejoices


Former Atkinson Police Chief, Phil Consentino was just sworn in as a new Atkinson Selectman, and as could be predicted, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune has a picture of another Atkinson Selectman shaking hands with Consentino.

Yuck! Has this guy read the sexual harassment complaint that resulted in Consentino giving up his police chief job last year? I know they have it.

The Lawrence Eagle Tribune has always had a crush on Consentino which defies real reporting logic.

But it’s their paper so let’s make them a real story as a “balance” to real reporting in general.

I have to thank them for the handshake photo in any case.

Maybe the other guy feels safe shaking Consentino’s hand because he isn’t a babe with a “big rack” as Consentino refers to the women in the office.

Recently, the criminal division of the NH Attorney General’s Office spent quite some time investigating a county attorney for misuse of funds and sexual harassment.

That guy looks like a prince compared to Consentino.

The county attorney was on out of state trips involving his elected position and his misuse of funds involved putting the public funds in public accounts the AG deems inappropriate – but they were still public accounts.

The released sexual harassment complaint mentions how Consentino used money from his “charity” the Elderly Affairs Fund to attempt to further his personal pursuit of any female locked in Atkinson employment.

So what is the difference between the Atkinson sexual harasser who far exceeds the county attorney, verbal sexual harasser, to the AG’s Office? Could it be that the county attorney wins and important political position regularly?

Consentino has been a thug for about 45 years in Atkinson through his various positions – one of which is leaning back in his chair in the office…

But let’s not go there NOW.

How long will it be until Consentino makes the Lawrence Eagle Tribune look like a sexual harasser enabler and the NH AG look like they prosecute for political purpose?