New Jersey - Tax Heaven

Bloomberg News has a story about a firm that did a study on escapees from Jew Jersey’s tax prison.

I was afraid it would show the escapees coming to New Hampshire. But it did not have a frightening number in anything near enough to cause a panic.

You see, it is very hard for any progressive to change his or her spots. That is just not in the nature of the beast. It is ingrained from the type of “higher” education/indoctrination they have paid for.

Look at Obama. Here is a highly indoctrinated individual who will never admit that what he absorbed in the Ivy League soft socialist halls of higher indoctrination is flat out wrong and unworkable.

That kind of elitism is like a warm cloak that shields him from ridicule.

He would vote for road-side trash pick up if he moved to NH in heartbeat.

So it is with rich New Jersey escapees from taxation. I know. I see the Massachusetts version every day. Move here - vote like they are still bowing down to Tip O’Neil.

Voting moonbat is easy to do with your retirement/investment package insulates you from the type of tax and spend voting that drives the locals and fixed income crowd out of town.

But as luck would have it, most NJ millionaires are moving to Pennsylvania and Florida.

We still have the Democrat Party Pajama Boy, Harrell Kirstien though.