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Same Sex Partners With Baby Makes FOUR

Same sex couples have been parting ways forever but this couple is in it for the long haul, cause they are going to court.

Enter the lawyers:


The two women involved with each other want a divorce in a state that will not recognize it but have had a legal boost from an activist judge, Garcia, who knows what’s good for him if he wants to keep getting invited to the right parties and social events.

And to top it off, they have themselves a baby – 13 months old and already a participant in a social experiment. How sad.

Back to the love bugs.

One of the partners was some sort of mother, as in biological. The other partner was a “partner on paper” kind of parent.

Now we have the courts involved making everything subject to the most recent fad in destroying traditional marriage in the name of “fairness”.

I love the quote by the activist attorney:

“This illustrates what Judge Garcia identified as (what) same-sex couples are deprived of,” Neel Lane, one of the San Antonio lawyers for the gay couples who sued the state over the same-sex marriage ban, told the San Antonio Express-News. “First, they are deprived of the benefits of an orderly dissolution of a marriage. Second, their children are denied the benefit of the many laws to protect their interests in the event of a divorce.”

Actually, the deprivation of rights of the “victim” couple is in fact an advantage traditional couples in heterosexual marriages are not entitled to. And isn’t it what this is always about when it comes to progressive politics?

There is a male involved with this “marriage” who has no rights. How did that happen?

Some news for the homosexual couple: You are NOT the patents of a baby without the involvement of a male somewhere in the process.

When you have a homosexual partnership separation between two same sex individuals and it comes time to split up the goods, per se, things get dicey. In a traditional marriage parental rights are taken into consideration.

If the homosexual couple thinks that a contract with the sperm donor father, not to be involved, holds weight – think again.

That contract is only words on paper – like marriage laws you ignore all the time.


Reader Comments (2)

Oh, Ed. Do you have anything to offer other than bitterness and snide insults? Did you even read the article to which you linked? In fact, there is no claim for custody from the biological father. So this is not a "baby makes four" case at all. It is a dispute between 2 parents and the only reason it is complicated is because this couple is forced to navigate a patchwork of laws that vary state to state. Treat them like any married couple, the rules become clear, and this case would be no different than any other divorce. And speaking of divorce, in almost every jurisdiction in which it has been measured, the gay divorce rate is much, much lower than the hetero divorce rate. I know that makes you sad!
March 20, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJason F.

The Biological Father is still responsible for child support! It is his child from his sperm and has his dna profile.
This has already been adjudicated in some states and it always comes back to the father is responsible!

So yes this divorce involves 4 people, the lesbian couple, the child and the sperm donor especially if he is known and was selected by the couple to provide the male half of the conception mix!

Give gay marriage a chance it is only recently available and still has some places it is not accepted. It will eventually surpass the hetro because gays lack that biological connection to children making it easy to split property and leave!

Work Hard Have Fun!
Bob DeMaura
March 20, 2014 | Registered CommenterNH INSIDER

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