Thank A Democrat - Shred Your Mail, Pull Your Shades

Fox News has, as news, an annoying revelation that an, unnamed - as usual, employee of the IRS took home the names, addresses, SSI #’s and such, on a thumb drive, for his or her; they are unnamed, as usual, did I mention that - personal use. (Notice the adventure in punctuation?)

If only the unnamed IRS employee who violated Federal Law by stealing private data on IRS employees had a name.

The first thing I would do is see how he or she was associated with any political campaigns in the three states that most of the info was stolen from.

Then you would see how it might have been added to the political master database the Obama people have been working on since the community organizer took over the White House in 2008.

Ever wonder how Obama motivated all those 99,000 same-day NH voters in 2012?

He has specific data on who they were, where they worked, where they live, and what motivated their very specific demographic position in life.

If you are at all surprised by what the Obama people will sink to collecting data for the master list, you probably don’t know what kind of people were elected by posing as Democrats. These are not your Daddy’s Democrats.

The Obama people know that no law applies to them when they are winners in today’s elections. No private data that can be used for an election, threat, or leverage is off limits. (Ask US Senator Feinstein what happened to her recently?)

Don’t believe me?

Hillary is running for President after having her aide, Craig Livingstone steal 900 FBI files with information from investigation about various Congressmen. And she is the Democrat front runner!

Try answering any political mail from any left wing group. Then just spell your name a little differently, or add a slightly altered middle name – see what comes back.