Bedford's Sally Thomas - Smear Machine

The nasty politics of Bedford, NH are well known to anyone ever involved in that municipality.

So as can be expected, the editorial hit squad gets started on Aaron Day who is running for Bedford School Board.

Someone named Sally Thomas is on the hunt with a few impressions as opposed to facts while using the Bedford Journal as an outlet.

Here is Sally’s S.T.E. (smear to the editor):

I question Bedford School Board candidate Aaron Day’s integrity Thursday, February 27, 2014 To the Editor: I watched the School Board debate on BCTV on the night of Feb. 20. I question Aaron Day’s integrity. He claimed to have been able to “place out” of 1.5 years of Duke University due to his AP classes in high school and implied he graduated in 2.5 years. The Duke University registrar says Mr. Day was a student from fall ’94 until spring ’95 , or one year, and did not graduate. It is very concerning that his deceit is directly related to his own education while he promotes himself as a good option for someone who will have a direct impact on the quality of education our children receive. Why would he lie about this and what else is he hiding? SALLY THOMAS

Aaron’s response:

I am not hiding anything nor did I "imply" that I graduated from Duke. As you will see in the candidate profile that comes out this weekend, I dropped out of Duke to start my first company. I decision I would gladly repeat.

Thank you Sally Thomas for letting us all know Aaron Day was smart enough not to linger at an Ivy League school when he could make a success of himself through talent and his own energy.

How long did Sally Thomas linger at Duke and what has she accomplished since then other than write smear letters to a local, weekly paper?