I Have A Pledge

Suddenly, NH progressives are all about pledges. That appears to be their newest marching order to prevent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen from getting the pummeling she deserves for being Barack Obama’s vote for ObamaCare – DemocratCare for those who have watched it evolve from HillaryCare.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has had to listen to smarmy attacks on our Taxpayer Protection Pledge for years. Liberals never liked pledges before the one Shaheen so desperately wants Scott Brown to take. It is called the “People’s Pledge.”

My, my, I would think that a Taxpayer Protection Pledge was the real people’s pledge!

This People’s Pledge is all about “dark money” in politics. That means out of state money in this NH campaign. And it explains the silly anti- big money in politics warrant articles sprinkled around NH last week at Town Meetings

Senator Shaheen likes the out of state money that got her elected, along with the out of state college votes. But let that out of state money help out an opponent and the shrieking begins. No one is to remember the total avoidance of the economy crushing ObamaCare fiasco Shaheen still supports?

Did you notice the Shaheen is willing to oppose outside money but not the “outside of reality” nationalized health care mandate she supports? That would be the one that is evolving daily “outside any over sight” by Congress – the one she belongs to?

I certainly do not remember Jeanne Shaheen opposing all the pro-homosexual marriage money the Democrats gladly spent several years ago. That was almost totally outside money.

Do you think Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has come to realize her slavish devotion to Harry Reid’s “outside NH policies” might be the biggest problem now she has come back inside NH to campaign at the same old colleges where she always campaigns for outside NH votes?

You bet she does or she would not be trying to change the subject from ObamaCare.

Here is simple fact anyone involved with NH politics knows:

NH survives, partially, on outside money we extort from outside NH candidates who come here for our rigged Presidential Primary.

Now Jeanne Shaheen is opposed to our traditional NH way of life?

Time for her to go.