It's The Democrats IRS Now

Republicans in Congress are used to letting the Democrats run things and as Democrats usually do they achieve the most political mileage they can out of positions of power.

Take the IRS for instance. The Obama Regime has used this bureaucracy to keep any political opposition, in this case the TEA Party groups, from acquiring tax free status, which they should have had years ago.

Scattered through out the Republicans in the House of Representatives are a few members who object to this criminal behavior and want to at least expose it.

But the IRS can not cooperate. They say it could take years to make copies of all the relevant documents. See this story:

Try as they might, the officials at the IRS can not find a way to get questionable and criminal documents to Congress even using the most advanced IRS billion dollar document retrieval service called: “Hurried Expedited Yeoman’s - Furious Urgency” document retrieval program.

The IRS testified to Congress that their H.E.Y.-F.U.  program will get subpoenaed documents to them just as soon as they can.