The Plight Of The Newlyeds - May Save Us All

Students with huge education/indoctrination debt may just be the best thing that ever happened to municipal government. Instead of graduating from some college and buying a house in a small town and doubling the cost of pre-pre-k -12 local schools, they may be forced to live with parents or stay in a city where the jobs might be someday and small towns will not be overrun by progressive tax and spenders.

I like this quote from the news story:

“Graduates who owe no money can begin building equity and start investing, while indebted graduates are laden with debts they have to pay off as well as the interest on their loans.”

When a young person, just out of indoctrination, begins “building equity” there are consequences for the victim community.

The first thing they do is begin spending on local education. The vote for bonds they will never have to pay for because they will “build equity” and move. The idea of this is the old myth that if you spend on local schools your property values will skyrocket. That may not happen again in America for a long time.

Several out-of-state, retired “educators” who moved to my neck of the woods have had their homes for sale for years and are losing their equity.

The other thing the elite, educated, “equity builders” and movers always vote for is ethnic cleansing zoning and planning regulations to keep the lower classes from building their own equity.

Wait until the newlyeds try and find a starter home. Someone should do a photo collage of the looks on their faces.

A college degree and home used to be the best investments for a young couple. Newly minted elitists just out of our universities who have tons of debt may not get the chance to dump their taxing and spending on other people.

Now all we need to do is make sure their wasteful, self-imposed, education debt isn’t dumped on everyone else as well.