An Article About Nothing

Another Pajama Boy wakes up with a thought!

How embarrassing, to have no other news to write about other than what was on Saturday Night Live the night before?

Here we have The Blaze writer, Oliver Darcy, trying to come up with something interesting about a television show that lost its viewership a decade ago, at least.

The Darcy bio:

Oliver Darcy is the daytime weekend editor at The Blaze. Previously, he served as the senior reporter at Campus Reform, where in 2012 he helped increased web traffic 33 times that of the previous year.

Darcy's work has been covered in hundreds of national and international news outlets, including CNN, FOX News, the Drudge Report and The Huffington Post. He has also been a television guest on several national news programs.

Follow him on Twitter: @oliverdarcy

I know, how about a weekly review of Doonesbury for something relevant, witty, and pretentious?

Just because Doonesbury has died a slow, irrelevant, cartoon death and is no longer published is no reason not to cover it in a weekly column.

If Oliver Darcy thinks Saturday Night Live is still relevant in 2014, how about a review of Air America’s latest?

Piers Morgan has some great material for Darcy to write about. He could certainly take that on. It only takes a few minutes.

But whatever Mr. Darcy does with his writing future I imagine there will always be a few dozen people, plus Mom and Dad, who want to know how not funny or cutting edge Saturday Night Live was the night before.