Reaching, Reaching

The High Media Priests of the Washington Post, in conjunction with Democrats in the US Senate have a new plan for the 2014 elections.

They are going to run on water boarding again!

Here ya go:

What, no Halliburton?

Hey, maybe Democrat election gurus and the Washington Post can dredge up that Republican Congressman from Florida who sent suggestive emails to adult male pages. That might work again.

Three Mile Island must still be around. How about that boogey man?

So far, we have the 2014 Democrat line-up for attacking the Republicans.

It goes like this:


1. Not ONE Republican voted for ObamaDemocratCare. (That sounds great?)


2. Water boarding. (Fresh as a daisy.)


3. Sarah Palin is stupid. (Can’t let that mental illness go.)


4. That bridge in New Jersey that was bad. (Hard to remember the details but just say “bridge” over and over.)


5. The rest of the World respects us now. (Then switch to a new subject.)

How about the unemployment rate! (See suggestion above.)


6. Vote for us because Republicans are racists. (Doesn’t motivate like it used to.)


And the grand old Democrat fall back position in case of a suspected rout:


7. Vote Democrat so you don’t lose your free abortions! (Use as last resort because the polls show it is backfiring in the wrong locations – everything between Harvard and Berkley.)