Repeal, Dismember, Destroy - Nothing Less

The media pundits have declared ObamaDemocratCare “unrepealable” because it reached the phony milestone of trapping a couple million registrants who were kicked off real health insurance by ObamaDemocratCare.

The idea behind this new media mantra is that the Republicans will adopt this lie as their own marching order into the next election and learn to live with an unconstitutional, unsupportable, socialist scam – forever.

I know there are a lot of RINO heads bobbing up and down accepting their plight.

Not so fast.

How about we take it one step further?

When the Republicans, with the help of the TEA Party voters, take back all that can be taken and then some, repeal every evolving word in this mess of a mandate, do Democrats really think they can ever pass it again?

Doubt it.

Real Republicans are in no way associating themselves with ObamaDemocratCare – just as many Democrats want nothing to do with it.

Let’s get excited about the chances of Democrats ever in our lifetimes having the opportunity to cram single payer socialist garbage down our throats again.

Try this slogan:

“We have to repeal it to find out if they are stupid enough to try it again.”