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Bedford Teacher Survey (CONFIDENTIAL)

The, let me correct myself, OUR children in middle school in Bedford were assigned a survey to complete. Of course Bedford being a liberal, enlightened public school the survey asked about minors and their ideas about sex. You knew it would, right?


One question about this “survey” would be this. Who was it really for?

Want to guess it was for a data mining company or some non-profit paid to survey OUR children. (“OUR children” is how public monopoly school children are perceived by those who are part of the system, not the children of the parents forced to send them to the monopoly school. This is why there are surveys like this.)

As a way to counter the never ending attempt to survey minors or any monopoly school children about sex or private family matters – I offer this:

The Bedford School District Teacher, Superintendent, Teachers Aid Questionnaire.

1. How much do you weigh?

2. Are you married, divorced, single, co-habitating, or seeing a person other than your spouse?

3. How often do you view pornography?

4. How many times a month do you have sex?

5. How many times a month do you have sex with someone other than your spouse? (Answer if you responded to seeing a person other than your spouse on question #3.)

6. Do you mix recreational drugs with sex?

7. Are you interested in having sex with OUR children in the Bedford School System?

8. If the answer is yes, please state at what ages.

This survey is strictly confidential. You have no reason to fear it being printed in a local paper or sold to a data mining company from out of state.

Thank you for your mandatory participation and please leave the survey on the desk at the Superintendent’s Office.

Respondents will be notified of their “score”.

That should about do it.



Reader Comments (1)

I remember back in the 80s doing one of those sexuality surveys in high school. Of course it was total BS. Everyone was looking over each others shoulders to see who put down that they never had sex or that they were homosexual which of course if anyone dared answer truthfully their lives would have been over the rest of their time in school.
Every guy in the school had a cheerleader girl friend from 2 towns away suddenly.
April 30, 2014 | Registered CommenterRick Barnes

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